As far as classes are concerned I see no limitations as to character options. Any and all classes have their rightful place in Fallcrest as it is a place where heroes have gathered before. An adventuring group, as suggested in the PHB and DMG, should cover the four roles discussed: leader, striker, defender and controller. Decide on what you are most interested in playing and as a group we will come to an agreement as to how the party will be put together. Some classes are suitable for dual roles and give players the option to fill them both nearly equally. I’ve listed the classes and their roles, both primary and secondary, below along with a short blurb of what that class’ focus is. Ability scores if you are so inclined to consider while choosing your options will be generated with any of the options given on pages 16-17 of the PHB. If you choose to roll scores it will have to wait until our first session in order for the group to witness the epic success or failure. With my recent acquisition of Martial Power the build options for those classes will also be allowed. If you can get your hands on it early and check them out great but I now have a copy to use in the creation process.


Bard-Musically inclined arcane combatants using magic and song to bolster allies and hinder enemies. Equally capable in melee and at range these characters can fill a controller role as well.

Cleric-Divine healers and warriors they use prayers and divine powers to heal allies and destroy their enemies. Many of the clerics powers aid allies or hinder enemies making them suitable for filling a defenders role.

Shaman-Primal beings of nature that share a connection with a spirit companion which they entreat to bolster allies and attack foes. Depending on your choice of build a shaman can fill either a defender or striker role as well.

Warlord-Expert tacticians these melee combatants utilize their experience and training to lead comrades to victory. Staunch and sturdy, warlords make suitable defenders as a secondary role.


Avenger-A divine striker trained in secret rites to bring divine justice to the god’s foes. Pursuing their chosen targets endlessly over the battlefield they use powerful melee attacks to bring down sworn enemies. Controller is a possible secondary role.

Barbarian-Fueled by rage, these characters convey all that is strength. Heavy weapons and a fury like no other these powerful fighters strike fear in all who encounter them. Primal in nature these characters can fulfill the defender and leader roles sufficiently.

Ranger-Masters of either ranged or two weapon combat, rangers find themselves most at home seeking out a single target and bringing it down quickly. With their ability to move through combat effectively and possibly striking more than one foe at a time they make for a possible controller as a secondary role.

Rogue-Stealth and powerful sneak attacks give the rogue unrivaled focused damage. Agile fighters who take to the shadows, rogues can fill the defender role if trained properly.

Sorcerer-Chaotic creatures of arcane power these magical beings use powers of fire, ice and lightning to devastate their enemies. Blasts of power able to strike multiple targets makes controller a natural secondary role for the sorcerer.

Warlock-Pacts made with otherworldly creatures gives this ranged striker the power to blast its enemies with eldritch energies and curse them into submission. With the ability to effect multiple targets warlocks make for natural controllers as a secondary role.

Defenders Fighter-The name says it all. With weapon in hand and armor to spare you forge ahead and goad foes into melee combat with you and only you taking focus away from your allies. Eventually mastering a particular weapon you become more and more effective in melee combat. Striker is a natural secondary role for a fighter to fill.

Paladin-Pledged to something higher than themselves these heavily armored and durable melee warriors use their prowess and divinely charged powers to smite foes back and protect those in their charge. With the ability to heal allies a paladin may find leader as a secondary role to fit nicely.

Swordmage-Arcane melee fighters using magic to charge their strikes with energy these capable characters take charge of the battlefield by creating effects that hinder foes and protect allies. A powerful mix of combat and magic they make for excellent strikers as a secondary role.

Warden-Bound by nature these characters have the ability to take the forms of beasts and trees bolstering their fighting capabilities and granting them powers to aid allies. Able to change the battlefield by calling on the power of earth and root a warden may find controller or striker as secondary roles.


Druid-Wilderness warriors these casters have the ability to shift from human to beast form and back. While in beast form a druid uses its creatures claws and bites to rend foes apart all the while having the ability to shift back and blast them with devastating primal forces of nature. Defender and striker are good secondary roles to fill depending on what animal form you choose.

Invoker-Hands of the gods themselves these divine beings use ranged attacks to render foes obsolete. Channeling their deity in every attack these powerful characters can be effective leaders or striker as secondary roles.

Wizard-The quintessential magical caster, using arcane energies to shape and mold the battlefield. Fireballs and blizzards are just some of the power wizards gain control of as well as the power to render foes blind or unconscious. Able to focus their power on a single target these powerful beings make versatile strikers as a secondary role.


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