Adventure Abounds

Launching Pad

Alright, so to help you know where this group is headed its best to know where you are starting.

As part of the recently created Raven’s Loft, an adventuring guild used by locals and nobles alike to accomplish tasks ranging from simple escorts to the most heroic of rescues, your group will be one of several teams put together to compliment the abilities of each person. This helps to solidify you all as a cohesive group who works well together. Started by an Epic Paladin of Ioun nearly two years prior to the start of the campaign this guild simply took off with opportunities and your group chose the adventuring life for reasons the group will come to an agreement on as the creation process continues.

This is simply to give you an idea of what your characters will be doing in order to make a living and utilize the great abilities that these heroes possess. It gives the team a sense of continuity and togetherness which randomly thrown together parties usually lack. Your backgrounds and history will flesh out how and why everyone is together and it can be as detailed and complex as the group is comfortable with. Such options include that everyone is part of the same adventurous family or clan. Perhaps the entire group was forced to reside in Fallcrest for a time and they simply grew closer together finding that their combined strengths made for an effective symbiosis. You’ll find more suggestions in the parameters page.

These are all considerations that make for an interesting back story linking your characters together for their lifetimes. Be creative and make suggestions. The group will ultimately come to an agreement as to how connections were made and this will only strengthen the campaign as a whole and make all of our jobs as storytellers that much easier. Fun is the objective and working together as players is where the fun begins.


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