Welcome to my first 4E campaign!

This world is being constructed using the DMG starter area of Fallcrest following along the basics of that information. Names and locations may change before the campaign starts and NPC motives given as options may or may not be the same. What I would like you to take away from this is the general history and locations of the Nentir Vale while creating a character concept that follows along with that history. I am very open to ideas as I am creating this campaign for you so be creative. Go in depth, take your time or jump right in. Leave your character ideas in the forum page so the other players can build on and around them.

This is a cooperative effort in team building as well as storytelling so your input is as valid as mine as DM. I will probably never say no to your ideas unless they become too outlandish. This happens to be a fantasy realm and your characters are among the elite of all creation. Heroes of untold power and virtue, the world you are apart of is free to be molded with your actions, great and small.

I hope this gives you a jump off point in order to develop a character that not only entertains you but also fits well into the world we are joining up to create. Here are some parameters to follow along with as you go about the process. While the characters are being created so is my concept of the world they will help ultimately shape. Good gaming friends!!

Adventure Abounds

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